Let me think out loud here.

on thinking

I want to again pick up the hobby to write and the hobby to think and keep on doing this hobby long-term. The primary mistake I made with this blog thus far was the way I presented my thoughts as if I’m a scholar, or at least an aspiring one. I’m not and I don’t think I ever will want to be an academic. It’s taxing if you are not a natural nor if you are aspiring. Therefore, I should stop writing like one, even though I consider being an essayist an honorable title. My thanks to Christopher Hitchens (who is quoted on my header tag) who probably gave me that idiosyncrasy.

Not all scholars are essayists and vice versa, but one better know what they are writing about regardless. So, if I’m not a scholar than how should I write? My continuing WordPress will help me develop not just my writing skills but my writing style, along with my thoughts. I’m still going to write about the political and delve into it’s more liked twin, the social. People like Christopher Hitchens, Hannah Arendt, and George Orwell make me think. I hope to learn about the thoughts of people like Jane Mansbridge and Bayard Rustin and Julian Bond and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Star Trek and Dune are my prominent pop-culture influencers in my forward thinking. But cyberpunk and Japanimation, among others, have heavily colored what the future literally looks like to me. I would really like to pepper queer culture, especially queer sci-fi, into my WordPress imagination. So, let’s see what that looks like.

I think my musings, at least from the start, will be a blur between wonderings and opinions situated in a school of thought. My BA is in Political Science, where I was trained to think in realist thought by mostly feminist female teachers who didn’t give one fuck if you were yourself, in any way, social justicey. So that will always be a part of me. I will attempt to be at times contrarian yet understanding, simple in my train of thought but in ways subtle to audiences I think will understand the subtlety. Is wanting to be cutting-edge considered cheesy nowadays?

To assert some expectations from avid readers and prolific writers, I never really excelled at writing…at all. It was always a struggle for me in school and out of it. This post, for instance, is more than 20 minutes and counting. So please, feel free to educate me but at the same time go easy. Well, I mean, if I make a mistake that should reflect an appropriate response, then do so. But let’s not get overdramatic when it’s warrantless.

And as always, imagination and creativity seem bankrupt without some sort of lofty standard and a little bit of love.