RIP Christopher Hitchens

When he destroys your argument its called a “hitchslap!”

An iconoclast of neither Left or Right. A polemicist who can make any opponent blush. One of the greatest essayist of the English language well after his departure. Although Christopher Hitchens has earned these accolades, what is more sorrowful than his death is the deprivation of these traits in a well-published and well-watched figure from the world stage. More still, these accolades are just a fraction of traits where any single one can make a person immortal in cultural consciousness. For me, he epitomizes a form of excellence that I have not yet heard from any other. Considering he thought, spoke, and fought for causes for several decades beginning in his late teenage years, Hitchens was…no… is still, a prime example of an activist lifestyle.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his works, Christopher Hitchens is a writer of the first order, high up there with Salmon Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Julian Barnes, and James Fenton, to name a few of his closest friends. Some of his best books include “Letters to A Young Contrarian,” “god is not Great,” and “Thomas Jefferson: Author of America.” His polemical gifts served him very well as a secular humanist arguing against religions. He often compared all-knowing/powerful/loving deities to dictatorships where the state is aware of everything, can do anything, and always has your best interest at heart (even when severely punishing you for minor, or made-up offence). Kim Jong-il loves you.

What made Christopher Hitchens a true activist is that he stood up for numerous causes and became intimately involved in practically all of them. What made his activism a lifestyle is that his lifetime of activism was honest hard-work and not a fiesta designed just to organize people together to make them feel righteous about themselves. You know what paragon means when you study a man like Christopher Hitchens.

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